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Overview of Services & Technology

Cassia, LLC specializes in the in vitro enzymatic synthesis of stable isotope labeled primary and secondary metabolites and analogs, as well as, proteins and nucleic acids. We have extensive expertise in nucleic acid and protein chemistry and their corresponding scientific areas (such as structural biology, and molecular biology). In addition to core products; which serve the NMR and MS research communities, we also offer custom syntheses tailored to your individual requirements. We are flexible and able to quickly take advantage of scientific and technological breakthroughs to offer an ever increasing customer-driven product line. Our customized services offer savings, improved productivity, reliable quality, and purity.

Upon submission of a request for custom synthesis or establishing long-term outsourcing agreement, our scientists will evaluate the chemistry and provide an estimated cost and delivery time. If syntheses information is limited or unavailable, we will conduct a full literature search of the target compound and pertinent synthetic methods. We treat requests for custom synthesis with strict confidentiality, once Cassia, LLC agrees to work on a particular project or objective for a customer, Cassia will not work on the same project or objective for any other client, nor will we accept contracts from a potential client that would conflict with existing contracted projects or objectives of an existing client. Please look through our products and services listings for ideas on a custom synthesis and request a quote.

Biocatalytic Solutons

Biocatalysis has attracted a great deal of attention as an emerging and transformational synthesis technology for the production of challenging target molecules. Traditionally, biotransformations are catalyzed by whole cells or cell extracts resulting in low substrate loading, modest yields, and high costs. These problems are only compounded if one wishes the target molecule to be isotopic labeled. One solution to these problems is the processing of total biomass. However, this too has significant drawbacks. With the revolution of cloning, rapid DNA sequencing of whole genomes, and protein expression technologies, practical biotransformations can now be accomplished in vitro using purified enzymes, leading to higher substrate loading, greater yields, and highly cost effective solutions.

Green Sustainable Chemistry

Catalysis is the single most important technology for reducing the consumption of organic chemicals and downstream waste.  Enzyme catalyzed reactions are among the most efficient processes available to the organic chemist. Enzyme catalyzed reactions exhibit several important concepts of Green Chemistry, as enzymes are biodegradable, renewable, utilize water as the reaction solvent, and function efficiently under ambient temperatures and pressures. Cassia, LLC is committed to developing Green Chemistry processes for the production of all our fine chemicals.

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Enzyme & Metabolic Engineering

The genomics and proteomics revolution has allowed Cassia, LLC to recapitulate entire biosynthetic pathways in vitro. By applying basic principles of molecular biology and enzymology, we can also quickly discover new substrates for enzymes. Our technology is well suited to the production of primary and secondary metabolites, as well as analogs. Using structural data, enzyme selection via mutant libraries, and site-directed mutagenesis, enzymes can be optimized for substrates not originally active. By integrating enzyme pathways in vitro, Cassia can reduce a difficult and/or expensive synthesis to one which can be cost effective. We have the unique ability to provide novel solutions to overcome existing manufacturing difficulties, as well as, reduce the cost of manufacturing processes. Moreover, Cassia, LLC has demonstrated manufacturing scale biocatalytic routes in vitro that currently provide significant savings over biomass manufacturing.

Contract Research & Development

Cassia, LLC is the creator of custom biotechnology. An increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are recognizing the multitude of benefits in establishing long-term outsourcing agreements with Contract Research Organizations (CROs). This partnership between a sponsor and the CRO is exemplified by the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) agreement. In accordance with a mutually agreed upon FTE contract, Cassia, LLC can provide the client with a project team or exclusive product dedicated to the client’s needs for a specified period of time at a fixed rate per FTE. Cassia, LLC contractually guarantees not to work on the same project or objective for any other client for a mutually agreed period, and will not accept contracts from a potential client that would conflict with existing contracted projects or objectives of an existing client. If you need a custom designed product, or guaranteed sources, please contact Cassia, LLC for more information.